Israel History Maps is a geographical chronology of Jewish sovereignty in Israel and is the result of a unique project intended on providing the reader with a knowledge base and visual introduction to the history of the Jewish people in Israel. All inclusive Jewish history, bible maps and Israel geography - packed light. At the same time the Maps chart the history of other nations in the same geographic area. It vividly portrays the history of Jewish rule in the land of Israel from a historical and geographic point of view. Through its Maps and Dynamic Timeline you can appreciate the complexity of 3,000 years of history as it slowly unfolds in a consistent series of over 50 maps of the region! Simple to use and easy to understand, the maps are all in a uniform scale and divided into several time periods, accompanied with an overall timeline and historical overview of each map.


Some of the uniqueness of these maps are:

  • All of the maps are in a uniform scale, allowing for better understanding of the changes in boundaries and borders.

  • A series of over 50 maps, in chronological order, divided into historical eras.

  • The maps are very clear and easy to understand

  • A Dynamic Timeline places each map in historical context.

  • Maps of foreign rule were added to bring the Jewish rule in context to foreign rule


Much wisdom, integrity, and diligences went into the drawing and writing of this book.

By Paul B.


Much wisdom, integrity, and diligences went into the drawing and writing of this book. The simplicity and planning that went into the drawing and writing of this book is wonderful and beyond description. The beginner to the most educated WILL find use of this beautiful work of art. Anyone that just wants to seek knowledge of one that loves the One and Only G-d and is interested in the time factor between events will be very fascinated... Much thought and research given to the design of this book bringing the possibilities well within the realm of consideration that they very well you may be correct given the various types of theories and possibilities...




Informative and well designed

By Becky, United States


This is a very well researched and attractively designed set of historic maps that walk you through the history of Israeli borders. While this book does not bring any new information you couldn't find in other sources, it just makes it very convenient. The book aggregates all the information in one place and standardizes the maps so the reader can easily compare between them and follow the changes.

The graphics look great and the timeline is helpful in contextualizing each map...





By Adam


It was very interesting. I learned a lot. I managed to go over 3000 years in less than 15 min.

I really recommend it. It shows you a new aspect of the Jewish history.




Very informative

By Roy H., Norway


I found your book when i was searching web for history about Israel, the land of God. This is a very informative book i would rate 5+, and i can't find anything i would like you to improve.


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